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Nycocard Reader II, Norway

Following Investigations can be performed :

The HbA1c (Glycosulated Hemoglobin) technique is calibrated as per the IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry) and certified by NGSP (National Glyco-haemoglobin Standardization Program) and ERL (European Research Laboratory). NycoCard READER II

The NycoCard READER II is a small hightech instrument, designed to measure all NycoCard products.

The Reader consists of two units: the instrument box, which is the operational and calculating unit, and the Reader pen, which detects the signal.

Each NycoCard test comprises a unique Test Device where the test is performed.

The device has a central well for sample and reagent application, which is shaped to fit the Reader pen. When the pen is placed over the sample and the pen sleeve is pushed down, the measurement starts automatically and the test result appears on the display.