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Hematology – NIHON-KOHDON, Cell Counter (Japan)

Fully automated electronic cell counter has 26 parameters with 5 part differential analysis. It can analyze upto 60 samples per hour. The principles of measurement include cytochemistry, focused flow impedance and light absorbance.

Features :

The NIHON-KOHDON, Cell Counter (Japan) combines optical light scatter and impedance technologies, including Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS™) to fully automate the CBC and five-part differential, to improve performance and productivity in critical-care environments.

The NIHON-KOHDON, Cell Counter (Japan) uses the revolutionary concept of complementary technologies to increase accuracy and efficiency in the busy hematology laboratory. By performing simultaneous optical and impedance measurements on up to 10,000 white blood cells, the system can select the correct methodology for the existing pathology. The comprehensive data management program and low maintenance requirements make NIHON-KOHDON, Cell Counter (Japan) system the optimal choice for a wide variety of laboratory situations.