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Dr Sharada K Tiwari is a founder and Medical Director of Shriram Pathology Laboratories. Doctor Sharda’s Shriram Pathology Laboratories was established in 1998 by her and her two brothers and one sister, Dr. Hemant. B Naragude, Dr Praveen B Naragude and Dr Sushma Kaname. In 1998 when laboratory computerization was limited to big hospitals, Dr. Sharda’s Shriram Pathology Laboratories was foremost to introduction of computerization & Laboratory Automation. Since then, it has kept itself swiftness with advances in technologies. Today, it is considered to be one of the best Pathology Laboratories, equipped with latest instrumentation which is fully networked with central computers via LAN (Local Area Network) and offers patients the facility to view their test results on the website to save the same to their own computer, print the same on any printer. Today, Sharda’s Shriram Pathology Laboratories has excellent reputation in India as well as globally. It has earned immense trust of doctors as well as patients, some of them spanning over several generations.

Shriram Laboratories has a unique concept of providing platform to various specialists from different disciplines, so that people visiting Shriram Laboratories can take the best advice on health related matters. This has also added to Shriram Laboratories reputation. With its, qualitative services for more than a decade and with innovative service efforts, Shriram Laboratories has created a brand name for itself and is the pioneer in Medical Diagnostics in the Pune City. Today, doctors from across the length and breadth of the Pune city recommend Shriram Laboratories to their patients; an ample testimony of the confidence that Shriram Laboratories has enthused through its unmatched Services. Shriram Laboratories has already served around 2.5 Lakhs people and is today a household name amongst the populace of Pune. Shriram Laboratories has "three centers“offering similar services at various locations in the Pune city.

How We Work

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Our Panel

Shriram Pathology Laboratories is on the panel of Life Insurance Corporation of India,
Pune and Telco, Pimpri.

Our Timing

The laboratory timings are from Monday to Saturday: 8.00am to 8.30pm and on Sunday: 8.00am to 1.30pm. (24 Hrs Emergency Services). Sample collection may be arranged from home with a prior appointment (Mob. 9422344579). Reports can be made available by fax, email or courier on request only.

Medical Staff

SHRIRAM LABORATORIES operations are managed by a team of Professionals at the Corporate Office representing different functional areas. Every branch of Shriram Laboratories has on its roles professionals of high caliber belonging to different health care disciplines. The Centers have well experienced Hematologist, Bio-Chemists, Pathologists, Microbiologists, etc., apart from skilled Technical and Scientific Officers to carry out the investigations, most of them having very long association with Shriram Laboratory.

In Dr. Sharda’s words, "My profession is my duty- an assignment to provide 100% accurate services in a medical profession. Our Diagnostic Centre is the best diagnostic centers in the Pune City, my ultimate aim has always been to keep pace with the latest technological developments and provide an international standards technology in Pune City." After completing her MBBS from Government’s Dr VM Medical College Solapur (MH) under Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Dr Sharada did his Post-Graduation from Government Medical College, Miraj under Shivaji University Kolhapur (MH). He started off his career at MIMSR Medical College Latur as Asst. Professor in 1996, and later on worked as Senior Pathologist at Vivekananda Hospital & Research Centre, (250 Bed Hospital) Latur (MH).

Dr. Praveen Naragude is a Panel Consultant and CFO of Shriram Laboratories. His educational qualifications include MBBS and D.Ortho. His enterprising instinct, financial management and commitment to the medical profession inspired us to set up Medical Diagnostic Centre in 1998.

Board Of Directors

S.No Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr Sharada K Tiwari
2 Dr Praveen B. Naragude M.B.B.S.,
D. Ortho.
3 Dr Hemant Naragude M.V.Sc.
4 Dr Kiran Naragude M.B.B.S. DIRECTOR- Public
5 Dr Sushma Kaname B.A.M.S. DIRECTOR- HRD
6 Advocate Ajinkya Reddy LLB DIRECTOR-

Physical Structure

The Interiors are spacious, open, and air-conditioned. The laboratory has been divided it into several branches like microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, oncology, histopathology and cytology. There are separate workstations for doctors. There is a specially designed station for phlebotomy and a large comfortable waiting area for patients.

Computer NetworSking

Computer networking links the computer units and department. Data of each patient is stored into a file in the central computer for easy recovery and analysis. The doctor in the Department can access the data of the tests fed in the software on urgent basis. Shriram Pathology Laboratories has recently inaugurated a 1500 sq ft, state -of-the-art online processing laboratory (OPL) at Manikbaug at Pune. OPL also boasts of being the first laboratory in Pune to have multi-specialties under one roof with full automation. As per Dr Sharada, Medical director & CEO, Shriram Pathology Laboratories,” The OPL has ultra modern diagnostic instruments realized for their accuracy, speed and ease of operation.” For a network laboratory, it is very important to ensure speed of reporting along with the number of tests conducted. The laboratory’s proximity to the Swargate and to the Mumbai Bangalore Express Highway along will ensure that samples collected from Satara, Kolhapur as far as Latur (MH) or any connected city, are processed and reports made available to patients within hours, added Dr Sharada Tiwari. With the state-of-the art instruments at OPL, Shriram Pathology Laboratories all set to redefine the speed of laboratory operations in Pune city.

Quality Control

These instruments are backed up by excellent quality control & supervised daily by a quality control technical supervisor. The results show minimal inter-assay and intra-assay variations of the tests. Now we equipped it with Hi-tech Laboratory equipments for e.g. Fully Automated Digital Blood cell counter, Adiva Centaur, Auto analyzer for Biochemistry, Ion selective electrode based electrolyte analyzer, Elisa reader back up with computerized reporting data analysis system & record storage.

Further on the Laboratory has three Levels of Quality Control programs with strict Quality Control (within 1 SD).

For International Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Biochemistry, Hematology & Immunology.

Ours laboratory has achieved International Standards comparable to any reputed Laboratory in the world.